Responsible Tourism

The need for responsible tourism stems from awareness – awareness of environmental issues, degrading qualities of life support system. Tourism on a global scale is one of the key factors in environmental change. Awareness of environmental issues however is causing a massive transformation in tourism with travellers and locals seeking ways of building constituencies with the shared goal of making tourism sustainable and responsible.
The tourism in Nepal contributes about 3.5% to GDP and 15% of total foreign exchange earning of the country. Besides the national income, there are about 257000 (in 1998) people in Nepal who gets employment due to tourism.  The tourism in Nepal is one of the major sources of income for thousands of Nepalese people. But in the same way, due to the unmanaged and random tourism in Nepal, the trekking trails and the natural beauty are losing its originality with every passage of time.  But fortunately, Nepal´s government has realized the negative impacts of the tourism in Nepal as has stepped several steps for the sustainable development of tourism in Nepal. Government of Nepal is also supported by different agencies.